All of our products are the result of a meticulous manufacturing process. We have a strict control of our animals, from their birth to the moment when they are slaughtered, providing them at each stage with the nutrition and care needed.

Our animals are submitted to a strict and continuous health  control during all their life. Their diet consists of natural products depending on the animal.

These factors result in healthy animals bursting with vitality.

Once they have reached the desired weight and maturity we proceed to their slaughter. This moment is very important. At Jamones Almoharín we avoid the animals suffering and the slaughter is carried out with all the health guarantees and with the latest technological machinery. This factor grants our products a higher quality and at the same time possible contaminations are avoided in the process.

Once the animal has been slaughtered we proceed to the boning, selection of the meats and processing of the different products of the Iberian pig.

At Jamones Almoharin’s factory the boning is executed with maximum hygiene conditions and with the involvement of specialized and qualified personnel. It is at this moment when the cutting of the hams and forelegs is produced and we proceed also to the selection and preparation of the meats which are intended for the blood sausages, chorizos, loins and the rest of the products.

Once the pieces are obtained after the skinning, the trimming of the hams and forelegs is carried out and we proceed to refrigerate them at 0ºC in cold rooms. Then, they are cut in V shape, chilled to lower their temperature and they will be ready for the next stage.

The salting consists on putting the hams and forelegs in salt so that it penetrates their interior. This process is carried out in salt piles and they are kept in these in an approximate time period of a day for a kilo of weight.

This is how at Jamones Almoharín we elaborate products of a contrasted quality endorsed by all organisms, entities and regulatory councils which determine the quality required of all Iberian pig products.

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