Jamones Almoharín is the result of the experience of a professional who initiated himself at a very early age in the area of Iberian pork and its byproducts

With the passing of years we widened our knowledge and went on to discover the immense possibilities which such a noble animal offers.

Concurrently the scarcity of necessary conditions of the market to offer a natural product with such quality and healthy traits as those of the Iberian pig was brought up.

With the route already mapped, the challenge was to create a company to encompass all the stages of the Iberian pig, from its birth and upbringing until the acquisition of its derivatives by the final consumer.

Jamones Almoharín is a solution which offers as a result for the products to be within reach of all markets (national and international) and our greatest joy is for our customers to be able to enjoy our products in all their intensity and taste in any point of Spain and the world.

Our next challenge is to make the peculiarities of the Iberian pig and the Extremaduran meadow known at a national and international level.

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