Jamones Almoharín has the most modern installations for the breeding, slaughter, boning, transformation, elaboration and cure of the products of the Iberian pig.

Our premises are equipped with latest technological advances in the sector but our main installation is the environment, in which Mother Nature has situated us, Almoharin, under the shelter of Montánchez Mountain Range.

The pigs are bred on “fincas” in the Extremaduran meadow near Almoharín with abundant holm oaks and cork oaks.

The slaughter is carried out in our slaughterhouse at our premises

We dispose of ample boning, transformation and elaboration rooms, which are totally independent.

Our installations are completed by  the conservation cold rooms at  different temperatures and the drying and curing rooms which are ventilated by the fresh and pure air of the Montánchez Mountain Range.

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